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Each client and candidate is served with the utmost respect. Before starting any individual search our executive search recruiters and search specialists, tailor their service to target the right match in as little time as possible.

Time is money, we don’t want waste either one.  As a recruitment placement agency based in Montreal, we believe in honesty and respect. We do not want to make a quick placement just to make a quick dollar. We are much more interested in making a commitment where, it makes sense for everyone involved.


Every company and every person has different needs and wants. MindHR's executive network of independent recruiters work together to provide a service for established and emerging organizations looking for qualified and skilled professionals.
Instead of competing against one another we recruiters work together to achieve objectives by providing appropriate tools and resources through cold calling, headhunting, recruiting and networking.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals!

Why us?

  • Greater exposure
    MindHR is a network of executive Independent Montreal Recruiters, we are not just a placement agency, with a quick fix. We headhunt the market place and  not only maintain contact within your discipline, we also scout out new companies and opportunities you may not be aware of. When you work with MindHR you not only reach out to one recruiter in the Montreal and Toronto area, you reach out to many. The Director also has strong media presence so our candidates are the ones who won't just apply to any add or post their profile on any site. They want to work with a personal professional.
  • Increased efficiency
    By trade, MindHR are obsessive networkers and headhunters; we are actually snipers of the trade. We spend our time researching and penetrating the career job market. Our knowledge will ultimately save you time in identifying and pursuing prospective employers&employees.
  • Personalized public relations
    Everyone looks more favorably towards those who are professionally recommended.  Since we are active in the market, we stake our reputations on the quality of our candidates and companies we work with. We will always be open and honest in our search and if we can’t help you directly, we will try to find someone who can.
  • Confidential representation
    Some job search situations require a great deal of discretion. For employees and employers alike we can present your background confidentially, eliminating (or at least minimizing) your risk of exposure.
  • Career consulting and Coaching
    The MindHR executive career placement recuitment agency, can help you determine the job or career track that's right for you, based on current market conditions and your own values and abilities.  We are also in a unique position to walk you through (and monitor) each step in your job changing process.
  • Private training
    Private training isn't just in the gym anymore! MindHR executive search recruiters give you practical, time-tested suggestions on how to strengthen your company, your resume and improve your interviewing techniques. 

The value of preparation is priceless!  Aside for executive search advice you can receive a complete value added package; Resume feedback or LinkedIn profile analysis, interview preparation which includes value added sites & tips as well as thank you letter templates, how to follow up with companies, networking tips & where there are appropriate networking events geared for your background, in your area. For more information contact Executive Recruiter; jessica@mindhr.com