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How To Tutorials:
Resumé Writing Your resume is your 30 second sales pitch. It should look catchy, neat and appropriate to what you are looking for. There is no reason why you can not have more then one resume for different positions.
Companies have more then one advertisement to reach their different audiences and so should you.
However, there is no excuse for error.

Errors in you resume lead to the assumption there will be errors in your work.

More direct questions about resume writing ask: info@mindhr.com We do provide a full resume writing service.

Interviewing Be yourself and be prepared. Know yourself and know the company. Go to their web site. Just like the company is interviewing you, you are interviewing the company. Recruiters help you along the way but when it comes down to the interview it is only you and the potential employer.

Have questions about how to answer tough interview questions, ask info@mindhr.com

Networking If you are truly looking for a job then get out there and network.
Network is Net Working.
Go to business events and chit chat, everyone is there for the same reason, to meet more people so there’s no reason to be shy. You can’t screw up, you can only be you and have fun.
An easy way to start is to head to the bar and get a drink, if there’s a buffet stand in line.
If there are people standing and there is an open circle go on in and chat it up.
Enjoy! You paid for the event and you paid for contacts.

Social Networking We provide a full service to teach you how to use social networking sites to your advantage. Inquire at info@mindhr.com

Salary Negotiation If you are working with a recruiter be open and honest from the very beginning. If you are accepting to go to an interview it is because you accept most of what has to be offered. If salary is discussed, discuss it but there’s no reason to go in depth.
Indicate what you are making now and move on.
Life is too short to stick to the small stuff.

Find Salary Info What are you worth? Consider what you are making now and why you are looking to move. Money is important but it is not the sole reason to change from one job to another. It is normal to want more then what you are making at the moment however over ten thousand dollars you may as well stay where you are.

Ask a Career Advisor Have more questions ask away.

We retain information as long as you are using our placement services, or longer if required by law.

We have staff procedures and policies in place to ensure that your personal information, in both paper and electronic format, are secure. For example, we require the following:

  • Personal information is kept only in our office to maintain complete confidentiality, which are completely secure.
  • Access to electronic and paper files is limited on a need-to-know basis depending on job function.
  • Password selection criteria and expiry make unauthorized access more difficult.
  • Staff training on the importance of privacy and security is undertaken regularly.

MindHR relies on the information provided by you, as well as third parties such as those providing references or educational institutions. You may at any time have access to your personal information through the use of your login name and password or by contacting jessica@mindhr.com
MindHR strives to maintain accurate records of your personal information, however, this cannot be achieved without your help. In this ongoing effort, we ask you to provide us with your most up to date information. Let us know of any personal information you have given us in the past that is incomplete, inaccurate, or no longer relevant. It will be our pleasure to make appropriate modifications.


Candidates…it’s not about your resume, it’s about you!

MindHR respects the privacy of individuals in all aspects of our business operations. We have a longstanding commitment to protecting the personal information of job seekers when providing services to our clients. Your personal information is only collected, used and disclosed by MindHR consultants in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Why do we collect personal information?

As a job seeker using our MindHR services, you are asked to provide certain pieces of information in order for us to provide you with the best possible service. In addition to your contact details, your resume, and a description of the type of work you are looking for, your file may include the following:

  • Our interview notes.
  • Information obtained through reference checks.
  • Educational records.
  • Reference letters.
  • Testing results.

We use your information to:

  • Understand your qualifications, need and preferences.
  • Find the best job opportunity for you that will give you the job satisfaction you are looking for.
  • Fulfill our clients' requests for information about job candidates.
  • Provide you with appropriate training or career transition services.
  • Assess and develop our business and operations to better service job seekers and our clients.

MindHR never collects more personal information than is needed to fulfill these purposes, unless requested by the client and consented to by the job seeker.

When do we disclose personal information and to whom?

Your personal information is never traded, sold or leased by us to any external companies. Your information is only disclosed for legitimate business purposes or as required to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

In the normal course of business, with your consent, we disclose your personal information to our clients when we feel there is a potential for a job placement. As a job seeker, you are relying on us to share such information. We only provide your information to employers if there is a job opening that is well suited for you, and we only provide information required and requested to make an informed decision regarding a job candidate.

What if I see a great job for someone I know?

MindHR works on networking and provides referral bonuses to everyone who helps make a successful placement.
If you see a job which suites someone you know you have a few options;

  1. Forward the job directly to your contact
  2. Forward your friend, associate or acquaintances resume with your name pointed as the referral
  3. Contact MindHR directly referring a name and number or name and company for someone appropriate for our mandate


What if I wanted more guidance regarding my search?

Depending on your needs, we offer a complete value added package; Resume feedback or LinkedIn profile analysis, interview preparation which includes value added sites & tips as well as thank you letter templates, how to follow up with companies, networking tip, where there are appropriate networking events geared for your background, in your area & as applicaple actual connections to the companies you want to work for.
For more information contact; jessica@mindhr.com