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Recruiting companies ironically can treat their employees worse then the companies they represent.
They can pay low salaries, low commission and above all offer below standard customer service.

Not all recruitment consultants are the same!

Even though more companies are using “agencies” if we as consultants do not improve our image we can only expect things to get worse.

The concept behind MindHR is to ensure all parties are created equal.
We go out on our own because we want our independence.
Your clients will never be solicited and mandates are worked on in collaboration not competition.

Find out more, it never hurts to hear!


MindHR is always open to new ideas and business ventures related to Human Resource and recruitment initiatives. Please feel free to e-mail: info@mindhr.com


Recruiters & Consultants

Make recruiting and networking work for you!
Sometimes you are too tired for going out and finding clients and candidates.
MindHR made it easier.
We have joined together to help your company grow.
You work under your name and your company and share mandates with other recruiters and consultants.

It’s that simple.

We work on ethics but know the importance of confidentiality and the work you went through to get your client. We do not want to piggy back off you, we want to create an environment where everyone benefits. We have created a service agreement to be sure that you are not working on blind faith but also under the law.

If you are a recruiter or consultant and would like to continue working on your own but would like to broaden your candidate and clientele feel free to contact us directly.

It would be a pleasure to speak with you and understand what you are looking for and how we can work together.