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“If you build it, it will come” –Field of Dreams.

The Field of recruiting is not much different.

If you provide the service and the attention needed, people will come back to you and they will recommend you because they enjoy working with you.

MindHR’s client, candidate and recruiter base is predominantly through referrals and word of mouth.

If you would like to have a testimonial added please feel free e-mail test@mindhr.com and place in the subject heading who you would like to write the testimonial to.

For more information on working with MindHr please e-mail info@mindhr.com.


Clients Feedback

MindHR has always presented solid candidates. It’s appreciated! --MA (Client)

Working with MindHR is more then a pleasure. There is constant communication and I know when I go to them I am not wasting my time. —DJ (Client)

Thank you for your great work. --MB (Client)

Things are going along quite smoothly. R is doing a great job at staying on-top of work and has been able to be productive relatively quickly. Her previous experience didn't allow her to develop a full knowledge of accounting policy but she is a quick learner and is willing to put in the time to get up to speed. Overall she is an excellent worker with good ethics with a good attitude.
It is a good match! --TB (Client)

Candidate Feedback

 As discussed I am forwarding an email received from Jessica at Mindhr. As you will see, Jessica is thorough, courteous and even has a sense of humour, which we all know is an important feature to get through career reorientation and job searches. (When she and I last spoke, she informed me she had materials to send to help with the interview and I jokingly suggested she forward everything, including the kitchen sink.) I am copying Jessica to serve as an introduction to you both. -- Marie-Helene

I'm back from Montreal today and just got the time to read your email. Anyway, no news is good news. I'm still on the look out, so if you see anything interesting let me know.  I do have a candidate for you in the Bookkeeper/ Accountant assistant position.  Would you like to see her resume? Thanks for taking care of me.  Your customer service skills are GREAT!!  Talk to you soon --Susan B.

I wanted to thank you for putting me in touch with your network of recruiters following our first contact in January. I have accepted an offer today from one of your network recruiters for a warehouse manager position. Thanks again and keep well. Sincerely, --MT

You can try to get in touch with XXX, I think she is still looking for something but please keep it confidential. --PT
Actually, I do have a colleague of mine who could be interested in the positions. His name is XXX and he can be reached at work at XXX.

You have been great in both support and helping my morale. Thank you. I love the people and the company! --CJ

I wish to thank you for your constant support, and so many efforts that you put trying to help both sides meet their objectives. You were great, and I hope the future is bright for you. --CH

I've spoken and met with quite a few recruiters in the last 3 months and I can honestly say that you are one of the true professional in this industry. I've really appreciate my interactions with you and I hope our paths cross again someday. Sincerely, --PP

Thank you for your work, but I agreed on the terms of another company and I'm starting the job next week. As you may see, I gave your email to friends of mine. Hopefully, you will be able to help them out. Thanks for your help. --Karyne

Recruiter Feedback

The concept of MindHR works! There’s more work and less work at the same time. I have already sourced candidates and unfortunately I can not place all of them. This connection gives me an opportunity to place people I would not be placing. It’s so simple. -- JG

I was forwarded your contact information from XXX recruiter.  She has a high degree of respect for you. She has advised me that you might be able to refer someone that might be interested in a position with XXX.  They are looking to hire an Intermediate Recruiter to recruit for a host of roles across the business with a focus on IT.  Would you be able to suggest anyone? 
Warm regards, --MM

I appreciate the detailed information, the advice, and the encouragement!  I'll let you know how it goes. --Nathalie

Attached you will find five resumes for your HR/Payroll position as well we are looking for 2 people, one more entry level (35K-40K) and the other with some supervisory experience (70K-80K).  Thanks! --S

…On another note, my associate and I were wondering if you would be open to having a casual meeting with us over the next two weeks or so to discuss cooperation on mandates such as this one. Perhaps our respective areas of expertise could complement each other; we occasionally get management and financial mandates that we could refer to you for help just as we can help with more technical mandates. Let me know if an informal discussion perhaps over lunch would interest you,  Thanks. --RW

Please feel free to contact me anytime and vice versa. I find that clients who work on a retainer basis have much more of a commitment to the search but it would be a pleasure to work with the team. Have a great weekend! --BY

Hope to get the CV soon.  By the way, XXX's cv (network position) will be emailed to you tomorrow.  --SW


Media Feedback
I keep hearing you on the Radio every week. You are amazing and your career tips are priceless. Thank you, Eric 

One of many great characteristics you've got Jessica, is that you say it as it is....love it! -George

Jessica was a guest on my radio show, Laxer Live with Dan Laxer, on CJAD Radio in Montreal. She'd come on as our "resident head hunter" and provided plenty of friendly, personable information for our listeners on things like CV writing, interviewing, self-marketing,etc.- Dan Laxer 

I heard you yesterday morning and you sounded very articulate and in command of the topic. Congrats!-Hector